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Indoor Activities With the Kids: Sharpie Tie-Die

Crafty Collaborative had me try out this cute t-shirt craft. Logan was the most excited to try it be cause he LOVES color and thinks tie-shirts are super cool. Me, the mom, think tie-die shirts are a pain in the you know what.

Sharpie Tie-Die Shirts!

Wow, very simple. I’ll take this method over the tradition tie-die shirt any day. A perfect project for a rainy spring day. You need t-shirts, Sharpies, and rubbing alcohol. That’s pretty much it. Head over to Crafty Collaborative to see how we all made out. Although rubbing alcohol is not the most pleasant of scents, the results were vibrant and fanstasic. The kids were thrilled.

Sharie Tie-Die Review Sparie Tie-Die


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