Apparently His Clothes Define Him

One of the benefits of having three boys is the ability to hand down their clothes to the next. Of course not all of the clothes survive one child, but many do. All three do get new clothes, but it’s nice to have those good pieces that I can hand down to the next. It’s been working out quite well for the past eight years. Well, until now.

snake shirt

My oldest has now developed an attachment to his clothes. He considers his clothes a representation of “who I am,” (which he actually says with air quotes). While I get the point…seriously, he has some perfectly good clothes that would fit his little brothers quite nicely. I see where he’s coming from. When I choose a shirt for him it’s because there is a dinosaur on it or it’s got a lot of color, which he loves. They’re an extension of his personality, but they’re still good clothes that no longer fit him.

Our most recent debacle has been over a pair of size 6 shark pajamas. Shark pajamas that would fit both his younger brothers. Shark pajamas that are two sizes too small for him. Shark pajamas that I keep finding hidden in places so his little brothers can’t have them. Right now they are currently stuffed inside his pillow case. Seriously!?

So what is one to do with this argument of HIS clothes being a extension of his identity/personality vs. something that just covers the body so we can go out in public? What does he plan on doing, hoarding all his clothes into adulthood? I offered to buy new shark pajamas, but they’re not the same. He wants the new shark pajamas and he wants to keep his old ones. Not really what I was going for.

So do I take away these perfectly good clothes and give them away so his brothers don’t catch his wrath of, “why are you wearing my shirt, it’s MINE!”?? Maybe I’m just reaching the end of being able to hand down their clothes. Or better yet, I’ll just have to put my foot down…although he does make a decent argument…but his brothers like sharks too. Realistically, one brother would wear the clothes just to piss his older brother off, so I get the frustration there, but the other little guy actually likes T-Rex and would be thrilled to have all those shirts. We’ll have to sit down and try talking this one out…again. The first attempt was not successful and resulted in him hiding clothes. *sigh*

When you shop for your kids do you go for just practical, or do you shop with their personality and likes in mind?

Do your kids have the same attachment to their clothes as mine?

4 thoughts on “Apparently His Clothes Define Him

  1. I have always allowed my kids to set aside favorite articles of clothing in their keepsake containers; I even add things sometimes for them. They each only have a handful of things in there…everything else goes to younger siblings. Maybe you could talk to him about getting to choose those very special ones (like his shark pajamas) to set aside for the future, but MOST clothes have to be handed down to his brothers. ?? Also, perhaps he could save money to pick out a special shirt or hat, etc to buy himself? Clothes are EXPENSIVE!! 😛

    1. I do have a keepsake box for each of them which I will put a few special items in…BUT these pjs are not “super special.” He just doesn’t want his brother wearing them. Grr. We’ll have to go through his stockpile together to see which ones are truly important to him.

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