His Universe

I absolutely love when I find “Whale” in his bed.  Whale makes his way there occassionally. It always brings me back to the time when his universe revolved around Mommy, Daddy, and a stuffed dolphin rather than Minecraft and YouTube sensation Stampylonghead. Dang it. Why did eight-years-old have to come so fast?

stuffed animal dolphin

6 thoughts on “His Universe

  1. Aww. This post got me! Im expecting my first boy. I plan on cherishing every single moment.

    Its so absolutely sweet that you still find his whale in his bed, though. Proof that he will always be your little baby boy. 🙂

  2. Love the whale! Mini Me has a blanket she received the day she was born that she still sleeps with. It turned 14 last week too. Unfortunately, it no longer looks like a blanket…only a tattered string!

  3. So sweet! My 10-year-old son stopped sleeping with Winne (the Pooh) and Ralph (a puppy) a few years ago, but when we were packing for Disney World last September he quietly put both in his suitcase. One of my favourite memories of my big (little) boy!

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