Good Bye Doctor Yang

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

Eight years ago, while soothing my first little baby to sleep, I began my first TV binge. I ordered the discs for Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy. I was instantly in love. I kept saying, “I’ll watch one more episode: until I devoured a disc in one evening then anxiously waited for Netflix to send me the next one. I loved the characters, well most of them. Cristina Yang just wasn’t a favorite of mine off the bat. It was her lack of empathy I guess. However, as the show moved forward  and her friendship with Meredith blossomed, I learned to like her more and more. I most specifically love when she shows a little bit of her soft side, be it in a monotone voice.

Being Meredith’s “person,” I don’t know what to expect after she leaves the show. I am looking forward to the fact that Dr. Burke will be appearing. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two fo them. Not that I don’t like Owen. I love Owen. There is just something about going back to the original roots of the show that I find comforting with her departure.

I was pissed about George. I cried. I was dissappointed about Izzie. I hope to be happy for Cristina.

So tonight, while the kids are in bed, I’ll be sipping my wine and saying good-bye to Dr. Yang.

These are the moments I’ll miss the most. This friendship and “dancing it out.”


A little thanks to Sandra Oh for doing such a marvelous job on this character! Amazing.

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  1. Sideways. I always think of her in that role.

    My baby-binge was Dawson’s Creek. My husband would call from work and say, “You’re watching it again, aren’t you?” I was totally obsessed with the teen show – way past the years I *should* have been watching it!

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