Fitness Friday – Mud Run

Sorry for being a blogger slacker this week. I can’t believe Friday is already here! It’s been a crazy week…allergies or a cold? Not so sure. Anyway it has completely derailed me from my mud run, crunch-time training. The Bold R Dash race is TOMORROW! I am really excited. It’s my turn to have some fun. As a mom, my house is like a constant obstacle course. I’m frequently maneuvering my way through the living room in hopes of not stepping on a Lego. But tomorrow, I’ll be scaling walls and climbing piles of tires. To me, it’s awesome. Trading my “super mom” cape for my “super woman” cape. What makes this race really awesome is that my husband decided to join me. I signed us both up in February…he just started his training Monday. Yes, Monday, you read that right. But he’s doing it and I know we are going to have an awesome time.

Photo Credit: BoldRDash
Photo Credit: BoldRDash

So what does one do to get ready for one of these obstacle course races because scaling over blanket forts while balancing a laundry basket doesn’t count. First, cardio vascular training like running. You definitely need to run hills/inclines or you will be curling up in the fetal position before you reach the first obstacle. I swear the last race I did we ran up that mountain 32 times.

Prep for Hills:

Squats, lunges, deadlifts

Prep for Walls:

Push ups, pull ups, tri-dips

Prep for Tires:

Jump rope, fast-feet drills, grapevines

There are so many different mud runs out there. Small ones and beastly ones. I’m hoping to one day work myself up to a Super Spartan race, which is eight miles and 20+ obstacles. Some day. Maybe. I just find them to be so much fun, even though they are torturous.

Have you done any of these races before? Do you have a favorite?

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