Fitness Friday – WE did it!

Last Saturday turned out great. My huband completed his first 5k obstacle course race ever, and we did it together. It was fun having my best friend with me along for the ride. Although at one point I thought he might have one of his asthma attacks…but he didn’t. No twisted ankles, broken bones, or asthma attacks. He made it, alive and intact! I guess I didn’t need that insurance policy after all.

bold r dash success

The funny thing…he’s got the bug. Yeah, you know the one you feel right after you finish a race. “When’s the next one?” Our friends have it too, but these races seem to have gotten pricey over the past couple of years. We need to chose wisely. Something with more mud this time. I was surprised that this race didn’t have a lot of mud. Let me rephrase that…any mud. Although we did get a little wet in the ocean. The last Bold R Dash race I did we were getting sprayed with fire hoses and army-crawling through mud. I’m sure there will be mud at the mountain in September, and our team is ready!!

Boldrdahsh team


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