Finale Madness

If you read this blog you know that Thursday night has been my TV night for many years. My perfect trifecta of Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and what was once Private Practice was then replaced by Scandal. I can be like a school girl when it comes to my Thursday night. If you’re my child, you know that you better go to bed on time without a problem on Thursday night. It’s “mom’s night.” Everyone is banned from the room except the dog. It’s ladies only. My husband finds it ridiculous, but to each their own, right?

So I’m really excited for tonight. I can’t wait to see the finale of Vampire Diaries. What is really going on over there on the other side? Can you believe they killed a member of the love triangle!? Of course, he’ll be back. See, I’m already sounding like the school girl gossip queen. They’re promising we’ll see some old familiar faces tonight. I’m hoping to see Alaric, Jenna, and Lexi.

tvd season finale

Next up, Grey’s Anatomy. The final farewell to Cristina! I always love the Grey’s finales. They always do an incredible job and leave you jaw-dropped and pining all summer for new season to arrive.

greys finale

So cheers my friends. I’m off to go get those kids in bed. Hopefully they’re not doing cannonballs off the bunk beds again!


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