Fitness Friday – Victoria Secret’s Secret

The catalogs are pouring in with swimsuits and gorgeously toned ladies. It can be a little discouraging. It definitely has me wishing I was 5 inches taller like those models, but I’m not so I’ll work with what I have. I found this “Victoria Secret” workout a while back and decided to try it tonight. It turned out to be a good one.

This workout is led by Andrea Orbeck, celebrity trainer for many Victoria Secret models. Have you seen those models? Legs a mile long and tone from head to toe? Yeah…I HAD to try it. What I love is that it requires no equipment and I can do it in the privacy of my living room (like many of my favorite workouts). Orbeck pulls from some basic ballet moves that elongate those muscles and improve your posture, and mixes it with cardio. There are arabesques, plié squats, and plié jumps. All completely doable moves and I love that there is rep counter in the corner letting you know how many reps you have left. Yes, Mom, you can do it too!


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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Victoria Secret’s Secret

  1. Just bought three new workout videos last night. Have a 30 yr. reunion coming up. Ugh. I need a miracle and a nap.
    This is one will be tried today, I can do 10 minutes!

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