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Top 25 Loves of Summer

Top 25 Loves of Summer

Wow, Memorial Day weekend is here! I’ve been counting down to Memorial Day since October. This winter was brutal here in the northeast. I felt like it would never end. I dread winter. I’m good for one snowfall and I’m done. Having Raynauds doesn’t help. I feel like we’ve been in hibernation forever! At last, the windows are open and the kids are playing outside without hats and mittens. There are so many things about the summer that I just love. Here’s my top 25 (in no particular order…well, except for #1)

  1. No homework! (no whining)
  2. No packing lunches every night
  3. Longer days, more sunlight
  4. Not being frozen
  5. Ice cream
  6. Not bundling up for a run
  7. Thunderstorms
  8. The beach and sand between my toes
  9. Family hikes
  10. Impromptu water fights
  11. Sound of kids playing outside
  12. Colorful clothes
  13. Flip flops
  14. No shoveling
  15. Grilling
  16. Sunday Funday poolside
  17. Campfires
  18. Outings with friends
  19. Feeling the heat of the sun on my skin
  20. Scuba diving
  21. Playing in the rain
  22. No boots, hats, and mittens
  23. Everything is green
  24. No piles of school notices and dates to remember
  25. No school fundraisers

What are your favorite things about summer?


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