Fitness Friday – Bye, Bye Arm Jiggle

Most of the workouts I do include some type of arm toning moves. However this video, that was posted by Popsugar this week, focuses all on the arms. Most specifically, the arm jiggle. You know the one. You’re waving goodbye to a friend and you’re not just waving with your hand, your tri-flab is waving goodbye too. Not very pleasant. Every time I think of it, I picture the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars this year just letting that flab fly as she waved to the camera! I applaud her; however, I personally don’t want the “jiggle.” For those of you that agree, you should try this 10 minute video.

I did this video on Monday using 5lb dumbbells. Let me tell you, my triceps were feeling it immediately after. It was the good kind of sore though. Sore…good? Yes, I like a little soreness to let me know I really worked it. A little reminder of my success.

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