My Baby Graduated

I must say, this was a difficult one. I was fine with the first two little preschool graduates, but this being the baby…it was bittersweet. I rejoiced when I wrote that final tuition check in April. Six years of paying for preschool had come to an end. The realization that I would never be back at this little school just made me sad.

As I watched my little man walk across the stage all handsome with a big smile on his face, my heart swelled. Then he raised that diploma high for all to see. I immediately thought of The Breakfast Club. The end scene when Judd Nelson throws his fist up in the air. I just hope Finn’s future doesn’t hold many detentions.

judd nelson

I know I’m going to blink and it’s going to be high school graduation. I think that’s my greatest fear. It all goes by way too fast. I wish there were some way to slow it down, but unfortunately the only thing to do is embrace every single moment. Even those moments when I want to pull my hair out and down an entire bottle wine. Here’s to Kindergarten!

preschool grad


2 thoughts on “My Baby Graduated

  1. I can’t believe he’s off to kindergarten already! ! My how time flys… I doubt he’ll have very many detentions 😉

  2. Congrats to your little man! I am feeling the same nostalgia as I’m 99% sure Callahan will be my last baby. Breathing in all his baby-ness. Why do they have to grow up. So fast??

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