Fitness Friday – Kettlebell Swing

If you’ve been following Fitness Friday you are well aware that I like any exercise I can do in the privacy of my living room and is also fast and effective. If I can scorch some calories in just 10 minutes, I want to try it.

I had heard so much about the kettlebell craze a couple of years back and I wanted to give it a try. However, there was no way I was joining a kettlebell gym for $100 plus a month. I had gotten a couple of kettlebells and did some research on proper technique. Let me tell you, there are a ton of great instructional videos out there. Take advantage of them before trying something new.

I found this video to be a really good one because it really explains the difference between a “hinge” and a “squat” – one of the biggest mistakes people make.

After trying out the kettlebell swing I immediately realized why it scorches so many calories in a short time. You’re working your entire body! Lower, upper, and core. Just a few minutes of swinging and I was breaking a sweat. The kettlebell swing is both cardio and strength training in one, which maximizes your time spent working out and still boasts scorching results. I read on numerous sites that you can torch about 15-20 calories per MINUTE.

So when I’m looking to change things up during the week I’ll do this workout. 2 minutes of the basic kettlebell swing, followed by 15 pushups, then a 30 second plank. I then repeat that 4 more times. If you haven’t tried it out, I recommend it. But please first read up on proper technique.


Kettlebell HIIT


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  1. This looks like fun. I get stuck on my treadmill rut and really need to change things up.

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