Dirty Knees Soaps

When Heidi from Dirty Knees Soap Company asked if I would like to test out some of her products I jumped at the chance. Dirty Knees handcrafts soaps and other body products using limited ingredients. I received a beautiful sample package.

The one product that really caught my eye was Dirty Paws. Yes, “paws.” It was a dog soap. I had never seen dog shampoo come in the form of a bar before. I was intrigued and had to grab my big girl and give it a try. I loved it! I was suprised that it gave such a good lather. It contains the essential oils of cedarwood, lavendar, and even citronella to keep those little pests at bay. The olive oil and coconut oil keep my girl’s coat looking shiny and beautiful. I have gotten many compliments on her coat lately. This soap has become my favorite! She may not be the biggest fan of having a bath, but I must say she smells good and looks good!

Dirty Knees Dirty Paws

My boys were gushing over the Bean all Over, vanilla bean lotion. I thought they were going to eat it! It is seriously sweet on the senses.

Dirty Knees lotions

If you get a chance, go check them out on Facebook. Their products are great!

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  1. sounds great, I like the idea to keep the pests away with natural things. I will visit their site :o) but I know Easy will hate it to take a bath :o)

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