Fitness Friday – #GGHsummerplank challenge

My friend Tera at Girl Gone Healthy posted this summer plank challenge on Facebook the other day. Immediately I wanted to jump on board. I participated in this challenge last year and got myself up to a 7 minute plank! My core had never been so strong. Then, as things usually go, I kind of stopped doing them. I still throw them in my workouts occassionally, but it stopped being an every day thing. Well I’m ready to get back to the challenge. A plank a day. Side plank, forearm plank, military plank…whatever you fancy. Hold the position for as long as you possibly can (preferably before you start seeing spots).

You can find the challenge on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with hashtag #GGHsummperplank. Come join and cheer each other on.

plank a day


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