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Everyone Needs A Ditch Day

I’ve been patiently waiting for summer vacation. Well maybe patient is not the word. I’m getting as grumpy and whiny as my kids. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that they are in school until June 25th. It’s rather depressing. They do nothing but clean out their desks and watch movies the last week of school. I’m basically just sending them to a babysitter every day. I’m sick of packing lunches and dealing with the homework battle. Summer is just a bit more carefree and easy. A little slack in the schedule.

I decided I would surprise the kids with a “ditch day” today. They were thrilled and it was fabulous. I had a quick meeting this morning and then we went to the zoo. Usually it’s just the baby and I touring the zoo, but the brothers came with us today. I must say, I think he enjoyed it even more. It was blissful. No arguments and they were so kind to one another. I never had to raise my voice. Not once. It was wonderful. I even let them each spend $10 in the gift shop. Something I NEVER let them do.

Ditch day with the kids

We followed up the zoo with some pool time with the whole family when daddy got home from work. Everyone was fed, showered, and in pjs by 6! Yet again, not a single argument. I rewarded them a movie night in my bed. Summer days…just so much easier. Even the dog is snoring right now. I think we’ll be making end of the year ditch day an annual thing in our household. So much fun and they truly think I’m a rock star right now. Mommy points!


DSC_0089pool flips











pool dog

Hope you all survive that last few days of school…although I’m pretty sure the majority of the country is out of school already.


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  1. ditch day is an awesome idea! i must incorporate that into our upcoming school years πŸ™‚ here in hawaii school end the ending of may and starts up again the beginning of august.

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