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Kids Bowled For Free!

Kids Bowl FreeThe holiday weekend really did a number on us. So much pool time and late nights, the kids were exhausted. When we woke yesterday morning I saw it was a gorgeous sunny day and asked the boys if they wanted to go to the beach. To my surprise, they declined! I was a little disappointed, but it did save me from packing lunches and de-sanding everything afterwards. They wanted nothing to do with going outside and I sure as hell was not going to listen to them whine and whine about how they wanted to play video games.

We hit the library in the morning and then came home and had lunch. That’s when I remembered my Kids Bowl Free coupons! This is one of the most amazing programs. We did it last summer and LOVED it. The kids get a coupon for every day of the summer. The coupon is worth two free strings of bowling. I only have to pay the $2 or $3 for shoe rental. It is a great wallet-friendly summer activity. For under $10 we spent an hour or so in a nice air-conditioned bowling alley. You can’t beat that. I even let them bring a couple of their own quarters for the vending machine. We had a great time and it was just what they need…and I needed.

So if you haven’t heard of Kids Bowl Free, I suggest you check them out. Bowling alleys all over the country participate in the program. Check here to find one in your area.

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