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Sicilian Chicken Salad

Let’s face it. No one wants to cook in the heat of summer. Lately I’ve been experimenting with chicken salad. I’ve ditched the mayo and added a ton of flavor with ingredients I had on hand. I’m sharing four of my favorite over at Mom Generations today. Be sure to go check them out here.

Out of the four, I have found my favorite, which I named Sicilian Chicken Salad. So fresh and delicious!

Sicilian Chicken Salad

I used left over chicken breast I had in the fridge. I shredded it up in the food processor and added a little bit of olive oil and fresh lemon juice. I then mixed in some capers I chopped up. There was something about the brininess of the capers paired with the zesty, tangy lemon that just wowed me. You should give it a try. The perfect fresh, light taste of summer!

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  1. Hay, we just got back from Sicily and I can affirm that the cannoli there and your chicken salad look very similar! They’d taste completely different, though as the cannoli is a tasty dessert :).

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