Fitness Friday: Evening Runs

With the kids out of school I haven’t been able to fit in many morning runs aside from on the weekend when my husband is home. Lately I’ve been taking advantage of the summer sunlit nights and fitting my run/therapy time in the evening around 7:30/8:00, and I’m really loving it. The sun is starting to set, there is usually an evening breeze, the air a little cooler…you get the picture. But one of the things I really enjoy is the sounds I hear about every other block. The shouting and screaming coming from people’s open windows. You see 7:30/8:00…it’s BEDTIME BATTLE time! I came to the realization that I’m not alone. There are others out there who have to deal with the same crap! Even though my kids are kind of over the whole bedtime battle scene, it still makes me feel a whole lot better! I remember being there. Giving my husband the look and saying, “do you think the neighbors can hear them?” “Oh God, it probably sounds like we’re torturing them!” Now I reflect on those days. I almost miss them, but not so much. It all goes in phases and we’ve entered the next phase. They’re getting older (although I wish that weren’t so). They go to bed with little complaint…maybe a little bargaining for a few more minutes.

So as my feet hit the pavement in those precious evening hours I’m reminded how much my kids have grown…every other block. At least the view is peaceful.

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Evening Runs

  1. Your run sounds idyllic, Sheri, such beautiful green! We’re parched here in AZ. So wonderful that cherish your children and are so happy that those bedtime tantrums have passed!

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