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catching up with summer

I can’t get over how fast this summer is going by. Honestly, I’m not ready. I feel like we haven’t done all things we wanted to do this summer be it due to our busy schedule or weather not cooperating when we finally find the time. Now I’m trying to cram in my summer bucket list. I’ve even fallen behind on my gardening and yard work. The mornings are already getting cooler and it’s not september yet.

We have a couple of weeks left until school starts… It’s crunch time. We finally pitched a tent in the back yard for the kids. They loved it. The boys are all going on a real camp trip right before school starts. I’m just hoping the weather cooperates.

back yard camping

We’ve done the beach a few times, ice cream, the zoo, and have spent many days poolside. We still need to fit in the aquarium or the science museum, and I feel bad we never fit in a family camping trip, but maybe in September.

How did you do tackling your summer bucket list?

3 thoughts on “catching up with summer

  1. I am totally with you! I just painted our front door–I bought the paint Memorial Day weekend! And I never made it to the beach–you’re right, we have a few weeks left!

  2. Wish I could come and sit by that inviting campfire with your cute kids. I had planned to sell my entire collection of old First Edition children’s books on eBay this summer, but first attempts were so lukewarm I gave up. Doh! I knew beforehand that eBay book sales are generally quiet in summer! Hope to clear out my boxes this fall. We’re heading to Elkins, WV for the Cheat Mountain Train Ride the end of this month, which will be a check-off on my bucket list, though. It’s supposed to be the best train ride east of the Mississippi.

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