“The Mayor” Turned 7 and Requested Lego

deacon 7

First of all, I can’t believe my little man just turned 7! His response, “6 was great, I hope 7 is epic!” This kid beats to his own drum and always has. He requested a Lego Movie theme for his birthday. Now I try to keep things really simple. We don’t throw huge parties, but we try to make it special. I knew when he said “Lego” I was going to have a problem. The same problem I had when he requested Ninjago…there’s nothing out there! Party City, etc….all had nothing. No plates, napkins, pinatas, etc. Nada. I was going to have to improvise yet again. Now as I said…I like simple. Just a few special touches to  make his wish come true.

I decided I would stick with the Lego primary colors for plates, napkins, and cups. The boys made their own “decorations.” They loved them and had so much fun doing them. They even got daddy involved with a Micro-manager.

micro-manager lego craft


I was in charge of the cupcakes, for which I failed the first round. I purchased the wrong cake mix. I made them anyway…yeah, totally not right. They were like bunt cakes. I was baking and frosting new cupcakes at midnight. Lucky I found a spare box of yellow cake mix in the pantry! Pillsbury had the perfect bright yellow frosting which saved me from having to dye my own. I love a good time saver.

I needed some cupcake toppers. Something easy. I had some cardstock on hand and picked out some yellow, red, blue, and green. I then went to Michael’s Crafts and purchased a shape-puncher. With my coupon it was only $5.99. I printed out color prints of a few of the Lego Movie characters and then cut their heads out in a circle shape. A little glue and some toothpicks and I had the perfect cupcake toppers. The boys LOVED them!!

Lego Movie Party

Happy birthday to my loving, affectionate, thoughtful, and funny little boy…well big boy. Wah!

I hope SEVEN is EPIC!

birthday candles


2 thoughts on ““The Mayor” Turned 7 and Requested Lego

  1. I think “The Mayor” will remember this birthday when you’re throwing his party at City Hall someday! You have the most ingenious ideas of how to craft your children’s ideas from almost nothing. Happy Birthday, Big Guy, and I hope you have an epic year, too!

  2. Wonderful job!!! Why is there no Lego party stuff out there? I did a Ninjago party two years ago and had to fend for myself and order from Etsy. I’m sure 7 WILL be epic!

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