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Sweet Potato Salad

Throughout the summer our family gets together poolside at my brother and sister in-laws nearly every Sunday. Family Sunday Funday. It’s one of my favorite things of summer. The kids have an absolute blast with all their cousins. I usually bring over my favorite pasta salad…well, it’s my brother in-law’s favorite too. After looking at my posts for the link, I just realized I have never shared that pasta salad recipe. Next week my friends.

Although I love that pasta salad recipe I felt like making something different for Labor Day weekend. I thought maybe a potato salad, but honestly I really stray away from starchy potatoes and mayonnaise. Then I started to wonder if I could make a potato salad using sweet potatoes? I love sweet potatoes, and they are so much better for you. I of course went to Google and found this amazing recipe from PaleOMG. Bacon and Lime Sweet Potato Salad!  YES, I SAID BACON!

Honestly, the word “bacon” is what sold this recipe. It’s what made the guests put it on their plates. Anything is good with bacon, right? Everyone I spoke to that tried it loved it, and I’m talking a tough crowd here people. A tough crowd. My husband thought there was too much lime, but that’s what he says about anything I add lime too, even guacamole.

I absolutely loved it and just had to share it. The only thing I did differently from the original recipe is not use coconut oil. I had just gotten back from a race and was pressed for time. I didn’t feel like melting my coconut oil to toss the potatoes in so I just used olive oil. I held off on the cinnamon because I just knew the husband wouldn’t try it if I put it in there with all of the savory goodness. It still came out fantastic. I will definitely be making this one again. I received a lot of “I was nervous to try it but it was awesome.”
sweet potato salad

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