Fitness Friday – Race Done and a Lazy Week

Finish fora Guinness was this past weekend and it turned out great! The weather was a little humid, but the rain stayed away until the evening. I crushed those pesky hills like a champ and was happy with my time. The best thing about this race for me is seeing old friends. I ran into so many people. I had my Guinness and my cup of Blount’s clam chowder. It was perfect.

6th annual finish for a guinness

And….then I did NOTHING the rest of the week and I feel so guilty! It happens, but really there is no excuse for (although I’m sure I could come up with plenty). I can carve 10 minutes out of the day. No EXCUSES!! Seriously. One Popsugar video or a few pushups and squats. Even a quick mile through the neighborhood.  So tonight…BEFORE I dive into our Friday night pizza and beer, I’ll be squeezing in a couple of miles.

Enjoy your weekend!