Fitness Friday – Ready for that 10K

I forgot to mention my next endeavor that occurs this Sunday. A 10K. I’ve never done one before. I’ve honestly never been someone who wanted to run long distances. A few miles here and there, consistently. Enough to provide some much-needed mental therapy. However, as the running bug embedded itself…I wanted more. The kids are no longer infants and toddlers anymore so it makes finding “me time” a bit easier. “BIT.” Less guilt is more like it. I just wanted to continue to push myself for more. Increase the intensity. So I signed up for the Ocean Road 10K which takes place in beautiful Narragansett, Rhode Island. The race benefits the historical society. I’m excited for it. I have a goal set in mind and hope I can deliver. I’ve upped my game the past couple of months. I’m feeling pretty confident.

When I began this journey in running I NEVER even fathomed running 3 miles, never mind 6 or more. I remember shortly after I had my third son I decided to go for a run. In my mind then, it was a pitiful attempt. I barely made it a half mile before stopping. When I look back now, I’m proud of that half mile. That half mile turned into many little triumphs. A full mile running…without walking. Two non-stop miles. Getting a mile in under 10 minutes. All of the sudden I became a runner. I never thought of myself as one. I compete with myself. I have my great days and not so great days, but any day I get myself out there on the pavement is a triumph.

We all have to start somewhere. We need to celebrate those little triumphs and push ourselves for more. I’m ready for this weekend. Adding another accomplishment.


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Ready for that 10K

  1. Yaaay!! You’re going to have a fab race Sunday!! I’m running a half on Sunday!! I’m a little nervous but also excited! I can’t wait to read about your experience!! You’re amazing so I know you’ll have fun and run it hard!! Happy Friday!! XOXO! 😉

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