Fitness Friday – Emerging From the Rut

Since my 10k earlier this month, I honestly feel I haven’t done much. Knowing I had an event to train for, I kept more of a workout schedule. Over the past month, I really haven’t done much at all but a run or two a week and maybe some pushups. I’m in a rut. I have nothing I’m working toward at the moment. No deadline to meet so to speak. What’s one to do? Sign up for a half marathon, maybe? Find new workouts?

I browsed through Pinterest to find some new workouts I can do at home. New things to try. I came across the lazy girl couch workout. It’s fall TV time, of course I had to try it out. It’s only 10 minutes. I loved it! So simple to do while you’re keeping up with those Housewives, or my new favorite Outlander! I love me some Jamie Fraser!

Get over to the couch and get working!





4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Emerging From the Rut

  1. This post and all of the related posts are just what I need! I am trying to tone up for a trip to Mexico, and I haven’t darkened a gym’s door in 2 years! However, I have been faithful to squats, lunges, and arm toning exercises. But, oh, those abs!

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