A Weekend of Surprises

I love a good surprise. Giving a surprise that is. I love to see the absolute joy on someone’s face. I love watching videos of people being surprised. It even chokes me up sometimes, and I don’t even need to know the people. Surprises are about thoughtfulness and love. I guess that’s what makes them so special.

I got to surprise my boys this weekend. Although they annoyed me a bit with their request for hints (I didn’t budge) over and over. It was a special day. I enjoyed hearing their guesses. As soon as I got on the highway one said, “Yeah guys! We’re going to Bass Pro!” – nope. Another, “We’re getting a new puppy! Are we?” – nope. “Are you sure? We can even name him August like you want to.” – nope.

We were headed to one of the most dreadful places on earth for a parent. Monkey Joes; the bouncy house place. I loathe the bouncy house place…or any place like it for that matter. The boys know I don’t like it too. We go for the occasional birthday party and that’s it. I can’t stand it. They go into the stinky feet smelling inflatable and I hope they don’t come out with a knot on their head or a bloody lip.


They were ecstatic when I pulled into the parking lot. They were seriously jumping up and down with joy. I was declared the “best mom ever.” One said he was going to cry he was so happy. Little did they know what the REAL surprise was. It was inside. Their friends that moved away six months ago. To see them embrace each other was the gift to me as well. They were so happy. We spent the ride home talking about friendship and what a wonderful gift friendship is. It’s more important than a toy from Bass Pro or a new puppy. It was a beautiful day, but it didn’t end there.

There was a knock on our door around 6:30pm that evening. The boys opened the door and all that was there was a little Cars suitcase and a pillow. They were baffled for a moment and then screamed with delight. A friend was here to sleep over. More time spent with friends.

It was quite the weekend of surprises and my heart felt so light and happy. It would be nice to have more days like that.

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  1. I wish I could be better at surprises. I’m so bad at keeping secrets and worst of all at giving or getting surprises. I guess it’s because I’m such a planner. Sounds like you and your kids had a great weekend.

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