Fitness Friday – The Holidays

The holidays are here and they came fast. I find the stress levels are higher, the schedules are packed, and the sweets and treats are at every turn. Ahh! I’ve been slacking since Thanksgiving. I’ve enjoyed more apple pie than what is acceptable. I won’t even talk about the Lindt dark chocolate peppermint truffles my husband brought home. Oh, and the wine. Oh the wine! That’s been my de-stresser, even though it should be the treadmill. The treadmill which I tried to tackle last week and was SO bored within a half a mile. It was torture. I now loathe the treadmill. I want to be outside! It’s just so cold out there.

Okay, enough of the excuses and whining. I’m making a new holiday plan. Just enjoy them!

Don’t stress out over it! Enjoy grandma’s special chocolate fudge (maybe not an entire patch). Do some stretching and yoga to release some of the holiday tension. Enjoy good food at the holiday parties. It’s just a few short weeks. Do what you can. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you have time for a workout, do it. If you don’t, it’s okay. There is always January.


Happy Holidays friends! Enjoy them!

photo credit: Foodnetwork
photo credit: Foodnetwork




One thought on “Fitness Friday – The Holidays

  1. Oh my god, yes! Why do we worry so much about these things? The guilt! Let’s give ourselves permission to indulge sometimes, to enjoy the holidays, to ENJOY FOOD. Every once in a while, let’s just enjoy it. Nicely said.

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