It’s In My Pocket!!

What’s in my pocket? All of the cash back I’m earning doing my Christmas shopping online!! Sorry, but I’m so excited about this. I updated my status to VIP and I’m so glad I did. I’m getting around 7-10% cash back for EVERYTHING! Doesn’t matter where I shop or what card I use. They have thousands of stores that participate. I’ve gotten cash back from Bass Pro Shops, Target, Macy’s, and Old Navy… just to name a few. All for purchases I was going to make anyway!

dubli cash back

It’s so simple. Registration takes less than a minute and it’s free, unless you upgrade (which I highly recommend). I’m planning on ordering all our materials for our house siding from Lowes this spring…for which I will get 8% cash back for. We are also booking a trip for Florida for wedding and there are so many travel sites offered. From Travelocity and Orbits to hotels and rental car places. I will easily get my investment back and then some. I’m already a third of the way there with just my Cyber Monday purchases.

Sorry, sales and money saving get me giddy! I just had to share. If you’re interested go check it out here. It’s pretty darn awesome.

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