The Cutest Conversation Ever

cutest conversation

This had to be the most cutest conversation I had ever heard. I stood in awe and then quickly grabbed my camera. I wish I had caught it on video. When our Avery dog passed away a year ago we explained to the boys that he went to heaven and he was probably eating jelly donuts with Great Gram. They got it as much as any kid could. Since then we have always talked about Avery. Allie, our other dog, took the separation very hard and still struggles with it. Another thing the boys talk about a lot. Truly, I think they are all trying to sucker me into getting another dog.

Okay, back to the cutest conversation EVER!

I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner last night. And as usual, Ms. Allie was standing right behind me just waiting for some scraps to hit the floor. That’s when Finnegan came in to tell me he was missing Avery. Then he sat on the floor with Allie and they had a little chat. It was a serious heart-to-heart chat.

“Allie, Avery went to heaven now. You can’t see him, only God can, and I’m not God. Heaven is up in the sky. It’s okay.” Then she planted a great big lick on him. He then continued to explain that Avery gets all the treats he wants and maybe she could have a treat too.

Seriously, cutest conversation ever! Almost made me want another dog. Almost.

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