Back to School: Only one of us is happy

I think the dog is the only one ready to swing back into the school routine. The boys were…what’s the word for it….PATHETIC. Yes, that’s the word. Pathetic. They were pathetic this morning. Sad faces, moping around, fake coughing…the whole nine. One of them declared it unfair because we didn’t get a good snowfall. The other was depressed because school “keeps him away from his family like a jail.” Come one guys. They were worse then I was when having to make lunches last night. I hate making lunches. I may have had a little hissy fit in the middle of the kitchen when I dropped the strawberries on the floor. Maybe.

The only one absolutely thrilled this morning was the dog. She got her mommy back, all to herself on a lazy Monday morning. After dropping off the boys we had some snuggle time. It was just what she needed. Quiet. Peaceful. Warm. It was blissful. She’s pretty much swayed me to think this back to school thing is actually spectacular…although that’s only going to last until I say, “boys it’s time to do your homework.” Back to the grind.

sleepy weim

How long does it take your family to get back into the swing of things?


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