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Lunch With Mom

Have I told yet how incredibly happy I am that Friends is now streaming on Netflix? No, well I’m ecstatic! Could I BE any happier? My all time favorite show! I’ve been playing it non-stop in the kitchen when cooking, cleaning, and making lunches for the past week. On Saturday afternoon the episode With the Dozen Lasagnas came on.

monicas lasagna

I was suddenly craving lasagna. I never make lasagna. Like ever. I’m the only one in my family who will eat it. Yes, I live with a bunch of weirdos! I then decided to call my mom. I do this when I crave meatloaf and mashed potatoes too, another meal my family won’t eat. (seriously, I don’t know where these people came from). “Hi Mom. Do you want to make lasagna some time soon?”

The funny thing was that she was just talking about lasagna that week with the ladies at work and was also craving it. It was confirmed that dinner at mom’s with lasagna would be in the works. She then called me back less than five minutes later with an even better suggestion…let’s do shopping and lunch instead. YES! There is this little Italian place in town that we have both been wanting to try. It was even on Diners, Drive-in, and Drives. Italian Corner. From what I heard the place was always packed, the service was quick, and the food phenomenal. ALL TRUE!

Not only did we get our lasagna, but it was made with homemade noodles! Oh My God! Amazing! And the fact that the lovely woman who brought our food to us had a gorgeous Italian accent and addressed us as “senoras” was the perfect added touch to a truly enjoyable lunch. We accidently ordered 3lbs of lasagna, but that’s alright. We took the other half home.

A little shopping, a new pair of shoes, an excellent lunch, lasagna craving fulfilled, and time spent with my mom makes for an absolute FABULOUS day. I love when we set aside some time to have days like this.

So, who wants lasagna?

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  1. I love the Italian corner but if you crave meatloaf than you’ll love this!! Every Tuesday Schroders on Willett Ave has the best meatloaf sandwiches. I love meatloaf but never in a sandwich, until my husband had
    me try one and I’m hooked. Order ahead of time because they are slammed on Tuesdays for these mouth watering sandwiches!!!

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