Heard from the Backseat: Episode 4

heard from the backseat

The strip of highway leaving my parents house to our house has a giant electronic Powerball sign that lets you know what the jackpot is up to. The kids are always excited to see it. Every time they do see it, they get super hyped up and ask if we can buy a ticket this week and when is the drawing. They are seriously convinced that they are going to win.

As we passed by the other night I heard, “Whoa! It’s at 176 million!”

Followed by another shouting, “Can you buy a ticket mom? When is it?”

Followed by, “When we win guys, I’m going to Bass Pro!”

Followed by, “If we get a ticket then the jackpot will be even more! It will be like 176 and 2 dollar million!”

These fellas have awesome math skills. The oldest just looked at his brothers and shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. My sentiments exactly kid.

2 thoughts on “Heard from the Backseat: Episode 4

  1. Ah, my own boys and a neighbor were ecstatic to see a lottery sign yesterday. They went crazy when I told them that the number was in millions, not thousands! Your boys sound adorable.

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