We pretty much got pummeled by snow this past week. The kids had three days off of school. Two of which I was home for. Believe me, I had no problem going into work Thursday. Friday, things went back to normal and off to school they went. Then the weekend hit with temperatures not safe for them to play outside for more than 10 minutes. Oh, and another storm is coming tomorrow which means they will most likely not have school…again. Then another storm is scheduled for both Wednesday and Thursday. Damn winter.

THEY’RE driving me CRAZY! All FOUR boys. I’ve tried with the board games, movies, and baking. Scavenger hunts and crafts too. I’m done. They’re done too. Constant bickering with each other. Trying to one up each other. The screaming sword fights and running in the house where someone always gets hurt. Usually it’s daddy. I’m at the breaking point where I’m just going to let them play video games all day long. I’m longing for the days where we can go outside and play some basketball or go to the park and they can run around with their friends. I miss being poolside. Oh, how I miss that.

If anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in my….wait, I’m not telling. I’ll be counting the days until spring and longing for the warmth of sunshine and soaking up some vitamin D.

How do you get through these depressing winter months?

2 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. By letting them play on electronic devices for more time than is probably healthy … but it shuts them up!

    Oh, and I moved from England to Melbourne to avoid the crap winters!

  2. BLESSINGS ON YOU for sanity with your four boy blessings! I moved from upstate New York to Arizona years ago and have only lately started looking back–only to have my sight blocked by my upstate-NY-native husband, who swears never to budge from the desert! Can you make an even trade with a friend for one or two kids so as to start somewhat afresh with those new storms coming? And hide the swords?!

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