Fitness Friday – snowy adventures

Well I’ve hit winter depression. If you’ve read any of my posts the past week you can tell I’m so done with winter. We’re buried in snow and there is more to come *sigh*. I’m getting grouchy and I know it’s a lack of those fabulous endorphins I get from running. I look at my treadmill sitting there in the corner and I’m disgusted. I want nothing to do with it. Even my quick 10 minutes Fit Sugar workouts are not enticing right now. I’m in Rutville. My big baby girl has been in Rutville too. She’s so depressed and looks at me with those pathetic eyes. She doesn’t like the snow either.

sad weim

I got home from grocery shopping yesterday and the sun was shining and the temps were in the 30s. I can’t believe I was so excited for temps in the 30s, but I was. I felt an inkling of hope. I grab those running shoes and the dog leash. The roads were still an absolute slushy mess, but we went anyway. It was slow and it was only a mile. BUT OH MY HOW I NEEDED IT!!! Some slushy pavement pulled me right out of my rut. And my princess was so happy too!

snowy run

Just remember, we all get into a rut. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Do something about it. Even if it means moping around a few days. That spark will come back if you really want it to.