Snow Fortresses Aren’t Just for Kids

My husband promised me on Sunday that would finish the shoveling (again). I reminded him that Monday was trash day and he needed to clear a spot for the trash as well. My mind was on the trash. We missed last week’s pickup due to the snow and now there was two weeks worth of trash. That’s something that just makes my skin crawl. My (slightly OCD) mind just can’t take it. I’m the one that says, “can you take out the trash?” and then if he doesn’t immediately stand up I go and do it myself (he’s forgetful). It’s just something I don’t want forgotten. Sorry, it’s just one of my “things.”

Anyway, back to where this post was going. He finally got out there on Sunday evening to shovel everything so we could get the trash out. We literally had to dig the recycle bin out. “We”…no, well, HE. He had been out there for about a half hour so I went to check on him and make sure he got that trash out. Yes, trash obsessed over here. I came out to find the recycle bin still embedded in a pile of snow, the trash still on the porch and no spot to put it, and this…

snow fort

Yup, he forgot all about the trash and was building a snow fort. All by himself. The kids were inside watching a movie. That is my FOURTH child. Right there. See, I knew I needed to check up on him! He was so proud of all his work. I was just praying that the kids didn’t mess it up and break his heart. I must say, he did a pretty fantastic job. It’s equipped with two rooms, peep holes, a shelf for their snowball makers, and the icicle spikes just add that extra bit of bad-assness.

DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0170

Oh, and the trash did eventually get out on time. Thank goodness. I can relax now.

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