Fitness Friday – A Quick Morning Workout

I’ll tell you right now, I’m NOT a morning person. Like at all. I’ll stay in bed until the very last moment that I have to get up. I’ll even get up at 6am and let the dog out, then jump back in bed for that extra half hour of sleep. I know, I know, “goodness woman you’re already out of bed!” So, although I have good intentions every evening before bed and I tell myself I’m going to get up and work out, I usually don’t. I fit it in later in the evening. Although, I feel awesome all day when I fit in a morning workout.

Aside from just wanting to stay in bed, I just can’t do any hard cardio that early in the morning. My body doesn’t want to. With that being said, I put together a super quick, low impact workout that I can fit into my morning. It can be done in under 10 minutes. It’s perfect for me. Even if I hit that ‘snooze’ button one too many times, I can still squeeze in 10 minutes before I need to get in the shower. It gives me a boost of energy to get my day going and it’s totally doable. It sets me up in the right frame of mind to conquer my day.

Pin it. Give it a try. Let me know what you think?

Quick morning workoutAre you a morning workout person? When do you fit exercise into your daily routine?


3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – A Quick Morning Workout

  1. I am definitely not an early morning workout person! I prefer mid morning after a hearty breakfast, or evening. I’d be so much fitter though if I could drag myself out of bed in the mornings before either me or hubby leave for work and the other one has to have the kids!

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