They Have Me Looming Dragons

I knew it was a mistake the minute the words left my mouth. “Why don’t you get out your Rainbow Loom?” You see, my kids are bored. It’s February vacation and we can’t do anything with the constant snowstorms coming through every other day, and the below zero temps. Oh, and one of them is sick. My kids are so bored that they don’t even want to play video games!! Video games, people! Yes, Hell HAS frozen over. So now I’m not the only one here with cabin fever. They’ve got it bad too.

We’ve been through it all. Movies, board games, Nerf battles, video games, and baking. They’re bored. I was brainstorming things that they haven’t played with in a while. Something crafty that doesn’t make too much of a mess. The Rainbow Loom. I figured that would keep him entertained a bit. It was barely a thought when I spoke of it. Then it all came crashing back. I’M the one who will end up doing the looming. It happens every. single. time. He’ll go on YouTube and find something extraordinary and want me to do it. And I’ll cave and say ‘yes. ‘

Nailed it. That’s exactly what happened. First I had to finish an old project of a Night Fury. From there he went perusing YouTube for MY next project. A Terrible Terror. Terrible is right! It’s one of those where you have to double loop the single bands. OUCH, my hands were aching. The tips of my fingers burned and all I got was, “thanks for doing this mom, are you done yet?” Seriously kid? I’m like Chandler after he played too much PacMan. Remember “The Claw?”

chandlerI took a break after making all these little spike things. They were the worst. Then something miraculous happened…the hook broke. It was like someone was on my side. A complete blessing. I would have clapped if I could move my hands.


“You’re going to get another hook, right mom?” “Are you going to go now?” “I can’t wait for you to finish it!”

So now my baby is waiting for me to finish this Terrible Terror so his Night Fury has a friend to play with. So much for trying to find something to keep my kids entertained. Now the other two boys have put in their requests for dragons. The thought of it hurts, but I guess this is what moms do. It’s part of the gig. Right?


Do you ever get roped into doing your kids’ projects?