And My “Baby” Turned SIX!

Finn 6 years old

I’ve been trying to write this post all day but I just can’t. My “baby” turned SIX today. SIX!! Six was a tough age for me to accept with my two other boys as well. It’s that becoming a REAL boy stage. The dirty, stinky, poop is totally funny, and girls have cooties, BOY! Not just the cute transition from toddler hood to little boy, but BOY! And he’s the last one.

I’m sad. I went shopping with my mother today and came across the teeny, tiny little newborn socks and I wanted to sob. He’s SIX! He’s the last installment. This is it. SIX! I’m trying to wrap my mind around it.

He had a wonderful day. Made his birthday wishes and got his dinner request of tacos and ice cream cake. The thing that made me melt was when I put him to bed tonight. His first night as a six year old and he said to me, “Can you snuggle me for a little while?”

Yes, Buddy. Yes. I. Can. I will snuggle you FOREVER if you’ll let me. Love you so!

9 thoughts on “And My “Baby” Turned SIX!

  1. I always thought that the oldest getting older would be the hardest, nope it’s the youngest that’s the worst. I felt the same way with Stella, she’s going to be 7 in a few weeks.

  2. Sending you virtual hugs!!! The heart literally aches!!! I am going through something similar myself. And it is something I don’t think husbands, or guys in general, will ever understand. I seriously feel like there should be some type of shower for moms when their youngest reaches 6…think about it, there is a shower for marriage, one for the beginning of motherhood, why isn’t there one for this new weird transition out of baby and toddlerhood? Perhaps we all bring the mom fun items for herself? I could definitely get over this a lot faster if I could go register for a new purse, shoes, perfume, etc. Hehe! All I am saying is that we need something to look forward at this stage while our heart aches.

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