Fitness Friday – The Dreadmill

the dreadmill

There was a time that I enjoyed the treadmill. My little escape from mommyhood. I would get on there and zone out, bang out a few miles and be done. Clear my cluttered head. The treadmill was my only option when the kids were super little. I’d fit my run in after dark. Then I started running on the pavement and everything changed. Sure there was a little transition then, but I eventually began preferring the pavement. And oh how I miss the pavement!! This winter sucks (if I haven’t complained about that enough the past MONTH)!

I think the first mile on the treadmill is the hardest. It’s awful. It seems to go on forever. Do you find it that way too? I get that full sense of dread. How am I going to knock out three or four miles if I can’t get through the first one? Well, I found a little trick. Sprints. Not only does it make that first mile more bearable, it helps burn more calories by pulling your heart rate up and keeping it up while you’re in your “rest” period. I start with a brisk walk, work up to a steady run, and then sprint for a minute. Bring it back down to a steady run for a minute, then sprint for another minute. It keeps me more engaged. I’m not watching the little lap bar go round and round, I’m keeping an eye on the time so I know when to run faster. Before I know it, that first mile is behind me. I’m then revved up and ready to finish my run at a steady pace.

Do you dread the “dreadmill?”

5 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – The Dreadmill

  1. Hey!! I understand what you’re saying!! The ol’ dreadmill!! 🙂 Honestly, I’ve only run on the treadmill like once in my life and I did not like it. With all the snow, the past few weeks, I tried to get up there, but I stopped the tread after 10 seconds because I knew I just couldn’t do it. Luckily, there’s an indoor track at my gym so I used that instead. Running can definitely be very mental. I understand what you’re going through. Let’s wish for spring to come really really soon!! Good job on doing it, though. You’re tough!! Have a wonderful Friday! XOXO

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