Strange Visitors

We had a lot of strange visitors this past Monday. First, there was the sun. Yes, that round yellow thing in the sky that brings forth warmth and a well-needed dose of vitamin D. It was glorious…even if it was only 28 degrees out. Heck, I’ll take it. Just no more snow please. Then there was the Garelick Farms milk truck that got embedded in a snow bank in my neighbors front yard. It was there for hours. What an 18-wheeler was doing going down my residential road is still a mystery to me.

Then another strange thing happened. I almost fell on the floor. My husband got on our treadmill. Another glorious thing. He’s so swearing under his breath right now reading this, but anyway. As he was on the said treadmill he thought our neighbor was trying to put something in our mailbox. I peeked out the window to find that my neighbor was NOT putting something in our mailbox, but was in fact trying to shoo a swan out of the road. Yes, a SWAN! What is a swan doing here?


Well the swan was blocking lots of rush hour traffic that frequents our street while people are trying to avoid the main road. The swan finally took shelter in the spot my husband had dug out for the recycle bin (yes he did get it done). People came by and threw crackers out their car windows. My husband tossed a little bit of bread out there. The thing just stuck around, even when the neighborhood cat posse was lingering nearby. After a couple of hours we started to worry. Why wasn’t he flying away? Was he hurt? My husband called DEM and they said swans will not fly when it gets dark. See, you learn something new every day. So we had a swan chillin’ in our snow bank. It was odd, but also pretty beautiful. And of course two of my boys asked if we could keep it as a pet. Oye.

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