Fitness Friday – What I Tried This Week

I’m loving Fitness Friday posts because it forces me to try new things and not just do my go-to workouts every week. I tried two new workouts this week. One was an 8 minute tabata workout. Now I did it in the evening and I was little dissappointed not to hear the fabulous Anna Renderer cheering me on. There is absolutely no talking in this video…which actually makes it the perfect early morning workout for me. Don’t speak to me until I’ve been up for a while and had my coffee. Anyone else like that? This workout is done with a timer. 20 second exercise: 10 second rest: 20 second exercise for eight rounds. You then get a one minute break and then do the same thing with two different exercises.

The next workout I did was a superset workout with stacked moves. I love this because it works a lot of different muscles with each move. A great way to maximize your time. My obliques were burning with this one.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.