Fitness Friday – Ab Challenge

Swimsuit season is almost here in the North East, although from what it looks like outside I’m not so sure. Seriously, 39 degrees in April is just unacceptable Mother Nature. Okay, back to abs. Yeah, those things hiding under the layer of flub. They’re there somewhere and I’m determined to find them. My friend Samantha at Peak Physique is doing an Ab Challenge this month so I decided to join in. Now I love a challenge on social media because it keeps me accountable. You have others there to cheer you on as well as others that you don’t want to disappoint. Less excuses. So hop on the wagon, it’s not too late for April’s Ab Challenge.

Here’s what to expect: “This calendar is chock full of 25 different ab exercises which you’ll rotate through every 5 days for 30 days. The goal is to do 15 minutes of ab work per day, following the outline in the calendar below. You can do them any way you want to do them, but don’t skip exercises! If you have any questions, don’t know what an exercise is, etc… let me know! Post your progress, pictures, etc… here and use the hashtag‪#‎PPAprilAbChallenge‬.” – Samantha

So who’s joining me? This cute little planker is! planking Finn Get ready for some crunches, planks, and flutter kicks!

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