Stop Messing With My Thursday Night TV

SPOILER ALERT * warning you now, don’t read this if you haven’t watched this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, or Vampire Diaries. I’m about to spill and maybe cry a little.

Photo Credit: FanPop
Photo Credit: FanPop

I’m all out of sorts with what is going on with my Thursday night TV. Now THURSDAY is MY TV night. It’s been my TV night for two decades. Sure it’s changed. The first major change was when Friend’s went off the air. Traumatic. But Thursday night came back to me with Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching the series when Logan was an infant. Giving him his last bottle for the night while I watched all that wonderful Mer-Der goodness. Then I added Private Practice (now gone), Vampire Diaries, and the oh so fabulous Scandal. I think Revenge was on Thursday nights too for a while. Any way…it’s all going to crap now.

It started when I heard Patrick Dempsey was not signing the contract for next season. What!? I was in denial. I buried that tid bit away. There was no way that was happening. Denial, denial, denial.

Then Nina Dobrev announced a few weeks ago that she was not doing next season’s Vampire Diaries. Say what!? Elena’s journey was ending. Now if it didn’t come from her mouth, I would not have believed it to be true. SHE is the main character people! She writes the “diaries!” I’m pissed. I am. Yes, I’m whining about a teenager CWTV show. I know. But I LOVE it. She obviously is going to become human and leave the show. If you check her Instagram account you can see her hair was straight throughout the final days of shooting…yup, she’s going human. The original love triangle is gone. That was the heart of the show. Where are they going to go from there? I’m not sure, but it’s never going to be the same.

Okay, back to Grey’s. Did you see it? I was still taken by surprise last night. They aired the pilot episode two weeks ago. I knew it was coming. Again, more denial. I watched a week later when the episode was full of all sorts of Mer-Der love. Planning to discuss having another baby. Lots of happy Mer-Der. More denial. Now it’s over! Plug pulled, literally. The guy survives a plane crash, getting shot, and saves the lives of these car accident victims…then SPLAT! Seriously! No more McDreamy. No more McSteamy (I’m still not over that one). Thursday has been crushed.

Now let’s talk Scandal. Jake! What the hell Shonda! You almost took away the Sun!!! That was a sigh of relief (even though it still doesn’t look like he’ll survive). Now let’s talk Vermont. Where’s Vermont? There has been nothing between Fitz and Olivia for weeks. Not even a good, high-tension, crazy chemistry fight. I’ll take a fight. Something. Please. That’s the heart of the show. The blood. You’ve given us nothing.

Why does my TV night have to change? I’m not liking it one bit. How vested are you in your TV shows? As you can see, I might have a few issues.

What did you think of how they ended McDreamy? Where will they go from here? My big question…will Cristina and Addison show up for the funeral? Will Amelia spiral out of control? Ahh, my head won’t stop.

Time for a glass of wine.

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  1. I love this! I don’t necessarily have a specific tv night, because we don’t have cable, and I really don’t watch that much tv. However, I LOVE TVD. Nina Dobrev leaving is sincerely heart wrenching, even if it is only a teenager show. :/ At least I still have Once Upon A Time…

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