ABC Canceled Revenge

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

What is going on!!? I just posted last week about how my Thursday night TV is getting all messed up. Now they cancel Revenge. Seriously!? And not just claim that this will be the last season coming up, but they canceled it two episodes before the season finale…which is now the series finale. The writers couldn’t even prepare for it!!!

I’m ticked. For someone who wishes she were a TV writer, I think I’m sympathizing more with the writers than the actors. It’s just so wrong. They need to finish the story right! Close it out without a cliffhanger. Two episodes  left! That’s not enough to prepare me. At least with How I Met Your Mother, Friends, & Private Practice…you knew it was ending. You had an entire season to say goodbye to your favorite characters. This is just so wrong!

So upset!! Yes, TV gets me going. It’s my thing.

Okay, I’m done ranting…for now.

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      1. I have to admit that I was out for dinner with a friend the other night and talking about Revenge. I stopped watching when her father came back as it started getting a tad ridiculous and we were saying it couldn’t go on much longer BUT the writers certainly should have been given the chance to end it properly! It’s ridiculous and insulting to the fans. Grey’s is also posing off fans right now according to my FB feed!

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