Sometimes My 6 Year Old is Smarter than Me

It’s true. It happens once in a while. He comes out with something that makes my jaw drop and the wheels in my brain turn. Logan brought a crayfish home from school today. Finn couldn’t wait to show me when I got home from work. They had put him in one of our old fish tanks. I mentioned that maybe we can get him a fake plant or something…then I got schooled.

“No mom, but I think he would like an elodea.”

A what?

“Eldoea is an underwater plant! Like it grows under water. Also, crayfish eat elodea plant. Underwater snails lay their eggs in elodea leaf.” (like, duh mom)

I sure didn’t learn that when I was in kindergarten.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes My 6 Year Old is Smarter than Me

  1. I would have been like ‘ooo oo let’s put those fake treasure chests things that makes these little bubbles when they open’ but sure Elodea sounds ok too..

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