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Shark Week Treats!

Shark Week Treats

Happy Shark Week folks! We’re whipping up some quick Shark Week Treats today. Although some of the Shark Week shows are a little too graphic for my guys, they can still enjoy some Wild Kratts “Stuck on Sharks” and some sweet treats. Maybe even some Finding Nemo. We love that Bruce!

These two treats are super simple. The first is just blue berry blast Jello with some whipped cream and a gummie shark.

Shark Treat Jello

For my anti-Jello buddy, I made an ice cream sandwich with graham crackers, vanilla ice cream, blue whipped cream and peppermint patty. I just used a shot glass to shape the fin.

Shark treat

Hope you enjoy! They certainly did. Now that they’re in bed it’s time to watch Jaws!

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