Fitness Friday – A Family Affair

Two of my boys had been asking if they could go for a run with me. It’s always right when I’m about to step out the door and have my route and mileage all planned out, pressed for time. I reply with “next time.” So last night I asked if they would like to go do a mile. Honestly, I consider running “my time,” but I was super excited for them to come along. I think it’s so important that they live a healthy lifestyle and it’s my job as their mother to navigate them and steer them in that direction.

I told them we would do one mile. They didn’t really understand the concept of one mile. They started by sprinting down the street. I told them they would need to pace themselves. A quarter mile in, “You mean this is just the beginning!?” And they did pretty well. I was proud of them. Logan got a few cramps here and there. He actually asked me to remind him to hydrate first thing in the morning so he could try again without cramps. Deacon suggested a mid-run pushup session. I think he just needed to stop running and take a break. All in all…it was fantastic. I enjoyed every minute, and got “my time” after I dropped them back off at the house.

fit familyDo you get your kids involved in your workouts?

Have a great weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – A Family Affair

  1. I do workout videos inside my home…the kids always try and do them with me. They are sometimes uncoordinated and just end up making me laugh. 🙂

  2. My boys, 18 and 20 are gym rats, buffed and toned. My 3 yr old just stopped using the stroller ,approximately 2 mths now, so I’m getting her in the habit of walking to strengthen those legs. I hope that once she’s able to do a better job of listening she’ll ride her bike while I jog along the boardwalk. I haven’t been jogging since she was born and I miss it. My dog hates running but loves hiking so hoping to introduce my daughter to that as well when she’s a bit older.

    Have a healthy, happy weekend.

  3. I think it’s so important to set the example of exercise for our kids. Both my kids came along to boot camp with me – my toddler currently thinks it’s hilarious to climb on my back when I do push ups, and my eldest used to yell out “run faster Mummy! You can do it! More push-ups!” To them, exercise is just a normal thing we do, part of our lives 🙂 Good on you for including your kids on your run, time for yourself is hard to come by!

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