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The Bookshelf: Summer Secrets (Book Review)

Summer Secrets Jane Green

I was so excited that Jane Green was coming out with a new book just in time for enjoying poolside. Summer Secrets is the perfect beach read. Drama, drama, drama! I devoured it. I was dragged right in with the first chapter.

The story focuses on Cat, a journalist living in London. Cat is a recovering alcoholic trying to make amends with her past and create a life of real and true happiness. Each chapter had me either cheering her on, or saying “Good God woman what are you doing!?” It was a downward spiral and an uphill climb, and another spiral or two. Cat journeys to Nantucket in 1998 to meet family she never knew she had. It’s there where she makes a tremendous mistake in a drunken haze. One that haunts her for a very long time.

Fast forward sixteen years; one marriage, one child, one divorce, and newly sober, it’s time for Cat to make amends with her past and free herself from the secrets of that one summer on Nantucket. She has no idea how it is all going to play out, but she knows that it’s something that she MUST do, not only for herself and her sobriety, but for her daughter as well.

I loved it! Cat’s witty friend Sam had me laughing amongst all the drama going on. I enjoyed having him on my cheering squad for Cat. This novel was full of drama, laughter, love, and forgiveness. It was a great reminder that no one is perfect and family isn’t always about the blood that runs through your veins.  Some wrongs can never be made right, but there is acceptance and there is forgiveness. You won’t want to put this book down until you find them.

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  1. I think it must be very hard to write a story with a sympathetic alcoholic character, but dealing with new family members?–I’m on her side already! We are going to the lake soon and I will have to get this! Thank you for the recommendation!

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