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Zucchini Chips and Small Triumphs

I usually end up with a ton of zucchini from my garden come the end of summer. I’m always giving it away. My husband won’t eat it, and my kids will only have the required bite or two (trying it). Well, I finally succeeded in getting my husband to not only eat, but actually enjoy zucchini. Mini-triumphs that make me smile.

Zucchini Chips!

I’m over at Mom Generations this week sharing my recipe. Come check it out.

zucchini chips recipe

6 thoughts on “Zucchini Chips and Small Triumphs

  1. Sounds delicious, will have to try it. Attempted kale chips this weekend but wasn’t successful. Think my oven wasn’t hot enough. Or maybe I wasn’t patient enough. Was winging it! Will have to use a recipe next time 🙂

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