#TGIT is HERE! Let’s Recap Where We Left Off


Thank God It’s Thursday!!!! I find myself doing a little dance every time I see the TV spot come on or even think of my Thursday night TV! Shondaland lovers, they’re back tonight! FINALLY. It seems like it’s been FOREVER!

My wine is chilling and I have my snacks. Mama is ready! I just need to get these kids to bed on time. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, & How to Get Away With Murder! Who else is excited!?

So where did we leave off? [spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up]

  • Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia are moving back to mommy’s house.
  • Amelia and Owen! Where’s that going?
  • April and Jackson ultimatum!
  • Quinn has a gun to Huck’s head!
  • Fitz and Olivia are rekindled!
  • Mellie got kicked out of the White House!
  • Who killed Rebecca? Was it Wes?
  • Frank killed Lilah!
  • There has got to more to Bonnie. What is it?

I can’t wait to see where these story lines go. Cheers!


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