Fitness Friday – Half Marathon Training


I signed up for a half marathon in January. I don’t know what came over me, it must have been all that New Years resolution crap. I signed up for one and then it got canceled. I should have just let it be, I was home free! However, then I signed up for another one. I dug myself back into the hole. I’ve declared myself half crazy. I still don’t know why I signed up, but I did. Now I’m committed.

Training hasn’t really been “training.” Some 6 mile runs here and there. No determination to push a little more. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing. I needed something, a schedule of some sort to get me going. Motivated and committed. I printed out the Hal Higdon Novice 1 half marathon schedule and it’s been a lifesaver! Seriously! I actually feel like I’m truly training now. Although it’s a 12-week program and I started on week 6 seeing my race is next month. I’ll preface now, I AM NOT a morning person. Not at all. It’s killing me to get up before the sun is about to rise, but I’m doing it. I’m getting out there and fitting in those training miles. Of course I feel fabulous after, but it’s that getting out of bed so early that is killing me. You see, my snooze button and I have a very special relationship and I feel it’s feeling neglected. It takes every ounce of strength to get myself to that pavement.

But then I reach mile one as the sun is coming up and I awaken.


It hasn’t been easy, but I’m making this schedule work. I’ve had to swap a few sessions to fit my family’s schedule, but I’m getting it done. There is a sense of accomplishment after every run whether it was a good or a bad one. Just knowing I got up and did it is enough for me.

marathan training

How do you train for races? Any tips to share?


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  1. I only do 5Ks and I walk them. I finally went back to the gym and I was trying to convince myself to stay on the treadmill for the full 3.1 miles, it didn’t happen. Hopefully it will soon. Good luck!

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